Everyone has a "story to tell" and I like telling   




my stories through my art and design.





It is in my studio,



while I am emptying the old cupboards of preconceptions 




and  by thinking outside the box    




how I create rooms to spark people emotions. 





My style  has an emphasys on minimalist and the simplicity,




 presenting this two together with




a sense of warmth and ligthness, a bit quarky and playfull,




 perhaps a Soho-Chic look.





I am passionate about helping people to build and design




a new home in their lives, and you can always perceive




 my enthusiasm and energy in the final work. 





I like hopping between London and Spain,




 it gives me a sense of freedom and adventure.




It is the excitement and the wonder where my next project




will take me that keeps me smiling  :)





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